The school does not agree that circumstances are having an emotional affect.

The Code of Practice says that teachers should be alert to events which can lead to learning difficulties or wider mental health difficulties (eg: bereavement). Schools should ensure that they make appropriate provision for a child's short term needs and, where the difficulties are long lasting, whether the child might have special educational needs. If you think that the school are not following the Code of Practice, you should obtain medical evidence.

If your child is about to take a public examination (eg:  GCSE) and you think that the emotional difficulties may affect their performance, you can ask the school to make an application for Special Consideration. This may be given to candidates who are (a) present for assessment, but disadvantaged or (b) unable to be at a timetabled assessment due to illness or other acceptable reason. The Examining Body can, for example, scale up the marks awarded, but within prescribed limits.

There are additional requirements: the bereavement must usually have been within the previous six months or the exam must be at the time of the anniversary. 

If you have more questions about this, consider the list below.